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This includes the death of the beloved bandcamp site, and all the junk that went with it.

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Episode 9 – Dredd and the Fugitive Mind

You will notice a change in tone on my part about 20 minutes before we signed off – gotta love the after hours work emergency!   – TS

We talk about police, diversity and authority. The question is, how much is too much, and who could ever be trusted with such power?

For our fans in blue, this is not an attack or an indictment of the vital work you do in our communities – so come on in and listen. If you have comments or answers, reach out to us please!

00 – 07: Houston, Demographics and how racism fits in here.
07 – 12: Authority, Police and the Southern Mind.
12 – 17: Youth, Education, Wealth, Race and Policing.
17 – 22: What happens when things go wrong and how it happens.
22 – 39: Visibility, terrorism and the militarization of police and depictions.
39 – 52: Profiling, Random Sampling, Probable Cause and Public Service
52 – 57: Authority and Compliance, Freedom and Safety
57 – 62: Should Cops be a part of the communities they police? How?

Episode 8 – Stuck in the Middle with Rat

We deliver the final word on generation gaps – until next time.

Now with some guides to help you find what you want…

1:00 – 18:00 Marketing stories – books and movies – Not to be missed Rat moment at 7:15!

18:00 – 30:00 – Arcade Memories

30:00 – 35:00 – Retire Boomers!

35:00 – 40:00 – Play outside and try not to get buggered

40:00 – 57:00 – Fuck School? Get a Job!

57:00 – End – Commiseration, and a 60 second thesis on poon…

Episode 6 – Mr. Torture

We discuss torture efficacy, D&D, Movie Dubs, and The Rat shows his true South Park loving colors…

Bonus Points if you can name the band responsible for this weeks title!  And a free X-Small Wiggle Rat T-shirt to anyone who can tell me why there was an ad on the YouTube version of the song…