Season 6 Episode 14 – The Laws of Power (Pt.1)

Just in case there are some of you wondering why there hadn’t been any multi-part episodes this season – Good News!

Having covered all the dimensions in our arsenal, it is time to start diving into the actual work of putting them together. It just so happens that the Rat was introduced to a book that not only does that – but gets him riled up as well!

We introduce the work, delve into the first 6 laws, and go over why this probably isn’t the best way to go if you are looking for some inspiration.

Season 6 Episode 10 – Historical History

We take a break from the season of self-care to address a glaring hole in last season’s theme – inspired by Netflix’s take on the founding fathers. How much wiggle room do you get before you’re changing someone’s impression of history? What if Benedict Arnold really WAS a werewolf?

This question, and others, await your listening pleasure…