Season 7 Episode 20 – Internet Comedy and Censorship

Wrapping up the season of comedy with a focus on how jokes on the Internet can trigger repercussions.

You have head of “Ripped from the Headlines”? Well consider this ‘Ripped from The Rat’s Twitterstream”!

Despite a small chance of some bonus content, this is the last episode of Season 7. Considering the state of the Union and our penchant for long breaks – figure Season 8 for a 2023 launch – and we shall see you way sooner than that sentence sounds, trust me. Peace!

Season 7 Episode 19 – Video Games Suck Now

This week we talk (like the neckbeard the Rat is) about the sad state of video games, and how no one takes risks anymore – they just pop out this years version of the decade old games. If you are a gamer of any type, we will more than likely piss ya off. But we may make you laugh as well – so go ahead, you know you want to.

And yes, my addled old brain called my grandkids carpet munchers – rugrats escaped me at the time…

Season 7 Episode 12 – We’re Back!

After a lengthy unplanned hiatus – we are back and ready to get things going again.

Not so ready that we prepped a show that is on-topic, but hey – baby steps.

We flail wildly at excuses for our absences and talk a bit about celebrity opinions and woke culture, Samantha Bee, and the Choco Taco.

And the Rat says what may be the worst thing he has ever said – which is really saying something.