Season 4 Episode 6 – The Ultimate Lesbian

So, while I (Thundersnow) have a reputation for derailing topics, the Rat is a bit more involved. Once a Season he is prone to spew a stream of consciousness that I just have to hang on to and try not to get bucked off. Dedicated to the planned interviewee who didn’t show – I will let Rat give more detail on this in his tweets.

2 thoughts on “Season 4 Episode 6 – The Ultimate Lesbian

  1. 1. Scissoring is not a thing.
    2. Flannel is the gay wardrobe.
    3. I am the ultimate lesbian.
    4. Wiggle you sound like an old lady witch rocking back and forth while plotting world domination.
    5. Shane from The L Word is the lesbian everyone thinks of.

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    1. 1.) I believe you.
      2.) For years I joked that the triad of Lesbian Lifestyle was a Flannel Shirt, A Pair of Doc Martens and a Labrador retriever.
      3.) You sure? Did you win a contest or were you selected by lottery?
      4.) Knowing Wiggle Rat personally, you are only partially correct. He doesnt rock back and forth, he rolls his naked body around in Honey Dijon Mustard while laughing like that.
      5.) The lesbian I normally think of is short, stocky and short haired.


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