Season 3 Episode 15 – Call me Ishmael

2SMOKESErijah2smaller(Art by Smokin’ Crew member @erijah)

The Rat learned Moby Dick from Star Trek, but it’s a good analog for the single minded fanaticism we are seeing grow in this country. We talk about why it may happen, how it grows and what, if anything, can be done to stop it.

For those who may not know, or any IP lawyers stopping by, the piece recited before the episode is courtesy of Mr. Melville and his seafaring epic (may God smite the sadist Lit Prof’s for it).

One thought on “Season 3 Episode 15 – Call me Ishmael

  1. I’m about to play some Overwatch with two pretty hardcore liberals. I’m pretty solidly in the center myself but we are able to get along because we have played games together for a long time. One of those guys blocked Nym.


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