Season 3 Episode 13 – Handcuff Your Heroes

This week, based on a drunken tweet from the Rat, we take on the last group of folks you are allowed to go after – the deviants.

Believe me, this was a hysterically trying thing to talk about with a man that makes vanilla look like Rob Lowe on a coke rampage in a sorority house.

4 thoughts on “Season 3 Episode 13 – Handcuff Your Heroes

  1. Didn’t hear you guys mention Twitch Thots. LOTS of money to be had there. Girls can get rich off it and I’m surprised strip clubs havn’t shut down since they can make more on Twitch.


    1. I consider them a subset of cam girls, which we have talked about before. Honestly, the strip clubs will survive until at least the fall of the Gen-X’ers – there is just something about physical presence that appeals. “Tell me what ya want and I’ll tell ya how much” in digital space simply doesn’t cut it for most.


  2. I have never talked to my son about boy to boy hugging (he is 7) but there is a boy in his class that hugs him. My son complained to me about it and even asked me if the boy was gay. I told my son that at a young age its fine unless it bothers him. I told him that if it bothers him to ask the other boy to stop. But still, I have no idea if he got this from things I have said or not. I can’t remember ever discussion anything related in front of him but its possible.


    1. I did a quick search to see if I could catch an edge on how this behavior becomes prevalent in adolescent boys – only to discover there is a whole movement to stop telling kids they have to hug adult family members – got lost down that rabbit hole for quite some time. Honestly, I think the modeling in cases like yours always comes from parental figures – just maybe not your own. If Timmy’s dad tells him that boys don’t hug, and Timmy is broadcasting it, the weight of the message will be commensurate with Timmy’s following.


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