Season 3 Episode 12 – Have a Cigar

This week, the Rat gets his tail twisted over the state of rock music and wades into a conversation he was ill-prepared for.

Yes, for the very first time, we discuss music on the show!

Unfortunately, his frame of reference is limited to “Bands whose logos have been printed on raglan softball shirts”.

Also stay til the end for a wee bit of fun!

2 thoughts on “Season 3 Episode 12 – Have a Cigar

  1. I’m willing to bet we know more about “modern” “music” then our teens do. My son is completely uninterested in music. I know who Childish Gambino is. My son does not. He listens to nothing. One big difference between us and the current teen generation is we had jobs/money and could purchase music and go to shows. Teens aren’t allowed to work anymore are they? At least I don’t see any doing anything.


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