7 thoughts on “Season 3 Episode 9 – I Sailed Away to China…

    1. And thats strange isnt it? SHouldnt we already HAVE real world people (family, co-workers, friends) that we can complain to?


      1. Real world people can be harder to confront sometimes. Also, many of us only see contrary opinions when we are online. Well, not me. My grandmother is a hard core dem who thinks today’s liberals are the same as they were 50 years ago. She won’t believe that there is a small group of socialist creeping into the dem party.


    1. And that is just weird. I understand the argument that twitter is a broadcast platform, but I dont agree with it. Especially when, by definition, the more that it gets limited through reflexive blocking the less broadcasting you are actually doing.


  1. Totally agreed. I read a post by Tamara Holder tonight that she is on social media to, “I’m now only focused on sharing truly meaningful content with my followers..” This implies to me that she is not here to discuss anything. I think a lot of folks feel that way even though they have to know there are people who disagree with what they are sharing.


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