Season 3 Episode 6 – Eat the Rich

This week we had planned on a guest but due to scheduling conflicts, and not wanting to tackle the topic without them – we free styled our way through the topic of wealthy folks.  Is it fair to tax them to hell and back? Is it fair to deny their descendants that wealth?

Sprinkle in singing vegetables, Thundersnow’s pimp-ass ride, and a good shot of Pub drama – and you have this weeks episode in all it’s glory!


5 thoughts on “Season 3 Episode 6 – Eat the Rich

      1. Hehehe having raised kids, I couldnt afford a mechanic for my car, Wyfdok, and my 2 kids (the pair o’doks) so I had to learn to fix that stuff myself.
        I never wanted to be the car guy. It just happened.


      2. I’m with you there. I have no interest in cars or mechanics but when I joined the army I wanted to be in the infantry. The guy at MEPS convinced me that there were no openings for a year at least in the infantry and the only way I could join right now was to become a mechanic. Been one ever since.


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