Season 3 Episode 3 – Talkin’ bout my Generation

So, in response to my query about what exactly Generation X had to rebel against – the Rat delivers his hypothesis. I was hesitant when I first heard it, but I have to say he makes some compelling points.

There were notes involved, and I watched the clock – so surprisingly derail free and almost on time! Don’t get used to it…

6 thoughts on “Season 3 Episode 3 – Talkin’ bout my Generation

  1. I loved the commador 64. I tried so hard to learn programming when I was 10. All I had was a tape deck that would record my data and take like 45 minutes to reinstall it back onto the 64 when I turned it back on. I LOVED that computer. I loved sitting for 6 to 10 hours right in front of my tv programming text base games, pianos, alarm clocks and what ever else I did.


    1. The C64 will always have a special place for us. It tried to onroad us to a digital life that we now live.


  2. I have 4 kids. 16, 7, 4, 2. I’m 45. Yep I started late. I’m a helicopter parent for sure but when my kid messes up I don’t ask the teach what their doing wrong I look at my kid and say, “What did you do?!” I push my kids hard physically but I am not educated so except practicing math or helping them memorize there isn’t much I can do for them academically. I’m so frigg’n worried about them. There are no kids outside for them to make friends with. When I was young I could easily walk 4 or 5 miles in a day and play or just hang out. My 16 year old REFUSED to walk 1/2 mile home from his school after having to miss the bus for a test he took. I was so scared I couldn’t believe it. He actually asked me if walking home was illegal. I messed up.


    1. Never too late sir, just give them some tasks that slowly ease them into the things they aren’t used to. Radical changes can be a bit scary. Also, never judge yourself by a single score – they are young and have a lot to learn yet. Love them and do your best is all any of us can do.

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  3. I remember when all the jocks and pop kids played d&d. I got kicked out of the group because I kept deciding what treasure or magic items people got instead of rolling on the appendix tables to make it fair. And I made boots of speed hard to control when you first got them pissed off a popular kid. I made him run into a wall and I was out.


    1. I NEVER remember that being the case. It was, in my neck of the woods, always the fringe dwellers that played. Now that its alot more mainstream, Im actually surprised by its popularity.

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