Season 3 Episode 2 – A Brand is a Voice

This week, the main topic is the derail, as I attempt to satisfy a listener’s request to see what the Rat and I would sound like doing a Podcast about Pizza. Then we get on to discussing the impact of the brands we love – both on our identity and our value to the mega-corps. I’m sure there is a snide comment or two, and from now on I need to watch the time – cause the rodent fails yet again! NlVFiqLbkrYFNVZAi3si


6 thoughts on “Season 3 Episode 2 – A Brand is a Voice

    1. Thats what you’re sold as an Idea, but the Millenials I know ARENT that way. Sure they are young, and a tad self absorbed, and a little insecure, but that goes with YOUTH.

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  1. I agree that words are not violence. They can be insults and mean to just hurt someone and in that case we can see the conversation is no longer productive it mine as well be shut down or curbed. But if the meaning is to continue to convince or sway someone then it should be allowed to continue. Insanity (judged by the entirety of the company not just the majority) not withstanding.


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