Episode 12 – The Future of GenX Politics

Our first Listener Suggested Topic! Thanks to @GrimmNyte for the topic – we had fun with it, and will no doubt have more to say at a later date.

What happens when Gen X politicians gain power? Will anything be different, and why?

Track Notes courtesy of his ratness… and kind of on time!

00 – 12: Our assumptions and where we sit now in US politics. Positioned for a Rise.
12 – 26: The not-so-strange rise of Young Centrisim. Notes on Millis and Boomers.
26 – 42: Abortion and Healthcare.
43 – 52: Social Security and Medicare are intrinsically intertwined.
52 – 56: Bring Back the Fairness Doctorine
56 – 62: Legalization of Marijuana, and TSnow juggles sports maladies


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