Episode 11 – Geek Life

We discuss what it means to be a geek or a nerd, and why it matters…

Track Notes:

00 -16: The difference between nerds and geeks and where it started, understanding vs enthusiasm
16 – 17: The nerds and the geeks in gaming culture (yes I said geek and should have said nerd at 16:49)
17 – 23: Whats your nerddom, whats your geekdom?
23 -26: The Internet, nerddom and geekdom
26 -34: Touchstones
34 – 38: The divide technological and political and the effects of Geekdom
38 – 47: How its affecting the internet. Signal to noise
47 – 55: When there are no nerds left, how do we pass it on?
55 – 60: Political Fandom, foundations in fleeting fandom, and reaching back to foundations to move forward –


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