Episode 10 – Movie Night!

We take a trip to movie wonderland! On a challenge Thundersnow watched The Warcraft movie, as well as Doctor Strange.

We also travel from genre to genre and hypothesize super hero nudity in the near future.

Track Notes:

00 – 10:The Warcraft Movie – Thunder Snow Hates it/Wiggle Rat likes it.
10 – 16: Doctor Strange, its Magical Imagery, movies before movies and stretching the palette.
16  – 23: Doc Strange, and the MCU.
23 – 29 : New Battlestar Galactica
20 – 30 : CGI in Warcraft and Similarites between Warcraft and Doc Strange
31 – 34 : Warcraft, Serenity and the MCU.
34 – 46 : Deadpool and Rated R Superhero movies. Do NOT miss Thunder Snows Law of Infinite Analogy at 46
46 – 52 : Wonder Woman, The Avengers and Nudity: Hypothesis on Superhero Vaginas.
52 – 61 : Rhonda Rousey and other Female Action Heroes and the problem with Feminism.

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