Season 7 Episode 4 – Blue Comedy

We explore our nasty sides with a take on what it means to work blue in the modern era, some examples of who we think really did/do it well, and of course a couple of our own.

Why? Cause we can, and it is fun.

Aside from a cat trying to derail (sorry, it was too funny to me to edit it out) we pretty much hit the mark, so enjoy!

Season 7 Episode 3 – Dark & Cringe Comedy

Now for something you’ll really enjoy – the Rat gets dark and Tsnow, well he pretty much just does his normal bit really.

We talk about these genres, who is who and we take a stab at our own little sets.

Special shoutout to listener Schkadee for pointing out I was, again, late with this weeks show!

Season 6 Episode 22 – Riff Show Part Deux

So yeah, things are winding down on Season 6 and we had a board full of tiny ideas that would not fill a show.

So that means a riff session, and this one is just peachy.

Highlights include: A dude named Weiner King, A stripper with a monkey, some good old emacs bashing and a thought on the forced mediocrity the Rat loses sleep over at night.

I am deeply buried in the state of Florida as this goes live – so no new show next week!